sound portraits

During the artist's residency at the René Lévesque library in St-Hubert (Quebec), several visitors made their sound portrait, answering the following questions: How to describe their face? Is it possible ? What is your relationship to the mirror? All of these recordings, such as an embroidery of portraits and voices, were broadcast thanks to the sound installation which was at the entrance of the library from June to September 2018.


This project received financial support from the Longueuil Arts Council (ALIRE bookstore for creation residency grants).

Détails de l'installation "Visages sonores", cintres métalliques, 2 bornes sonores, bande son 128'. Bibliothèque René Lévesque, St-Hubert, Québec, mai-septembre 2018.

Extraits de la bande sonore "Visages sonores", 4'09'', 2018.