Born in Ukraine where she studied visual arts, and after living and working in France, Eugenie Reznik has been living in Quebec since 2005. She holds a master's degree in visual and media arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal, where she continues her doctoral studies and practices in the arts. She has presented several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Quebec and Europe. A member of the International Research and Creation Network Hexagram, she has been the recipient of several scholarships, including from the Quebec Society and Culture Research Fund and the Longueuil Arts Council. In 2019 she was in creative residency at the OBORO Artist Centre.

Artistic project

For several years Eugenia Reznik has been interested in the stories of uprooted people, regardless of the social, economic, cultural or emotional context. Drawing on her own experience, she realizes that uprooting generates multiple feelings: lack, loss, anger, nostalgia. She asks the following questions: what forms does the feeling of uprooting take? How does it change over time? How does this feeling reflect in the narrative? Its objective is to capture its traces by materializing them in visual projects in which the work is considered as an element of analysis of this societal phenomenon. The artist collects testimonies from her relatives, her colleagues, people met at random from everyday life. Stories recorded in video, sound or text form have a central place in video or sound installations where documentary pieces (interviews) intersect a visual production (drawings, paintings, digital prints).