This installation was designed for the canopy of Château Dufresne in Montreal, where itw as exposed from May to August 2017. This museum is the former house of the Dufresne brothers, who made it built in the early 1900s in a working-class area of Montreal. In this beautiful residence, the solarium is the most luminous place of the house. Decorated with numerous stain glasses, it is made for plants, it is a place to rest and contemplate the garden.


Inspired by botanical prints, the artist designs a plant for this place, the one she cherishes the most: a potato. This plant is huge: an enormous tubercle put on the ground, other tubercles, the stem of the plant, the leaves. Like real potato plants, it bends to the ground under the weight of its branches. But when you see flowers the plant does not end there : it changes again into leaves, stems and tubercles on the opposite side. Hence this potato has roots in two different territories.