pace of lines, pace of steps

Collaboration with Laura Gonçalves

​In the video we explore the transformation of an immaculate natural space into a virtual and abstract space. The video starts with the image of a while page symbolizing a natural environment covered by snow, without any trace of a human presence. Step by step, the page, the space transforms into a folded page with a grid holding many meanings. First it represents the appropriation by human beings of this space, dividing it in a thoughtful and scientific way in order to find landmarks. It tames the landscape until then lonely, empty, untapped. The folding also embodies urbanity in the same way as structures, streets, buildings and windows. Finally, it evokes exile as evidenced by the folds of clothes, letters and memories taken away from elsewhere.

This white sheet, already invested by the folding, gradually transforms into any other space where moving lines and squares echo the aesthetics of pixelated images. Thus, the video shows how, at the moment when natural spaces are invaded, operates a transition from a real world to a virtual world invaded by abstract signs, which escape us into artificial realities erasing the time of nature.